NEONS Module Construction Checklist
Construction Steps
Pre- Assembly
box1. Cut and sand frame and deck pieces.
box2. Cut 3/4" foam top using plywood deck piece as pattern.
box3. Cut, drill and grind leg braces.
box4. Drill and sand holes in inner frame pieces for wiring.
box5. Drill leg screw holes.
box6. Cut & solder 12 gauge bus wires and pigtails, attach powerpole connectors.
Basic Assembly
box7. Assemble module frame and attach plywood top.
  Special assembly steps for skinny corner.
 box7a. Attach blue side boards to back board, glue and screw on glue blocks.
 box7b. Position assy 7a onto deck, screw and glue into position, be sure all is square.
 box7c. Assemble orange/blue ells. Attach rear yellow glue blocks to blue frame.
 box7d. Attach ells. Orange boards must perfectly align with deck ends so corner is square.
 box7e. Attach front blue board and glue blocks.
 box7f. Cut slots in inner frame for leg tips.
box8. Rout holes for homosote plugs and install plugs.
box9. Rout and saw holes for UP-5s.
box10. Paint bottom, legs and spreaders.
box11. Attach legs, spreaders and latcing hook.
box12. Install leg braces, L-bracket cradles & leg screws.
box13. Install clamp pads.
box14. Glue down one sheet of 3/4" foam.
box15. Fill screw holes in fascia boards.
box16. Sand screw holes and foam sheet flush to fascia boards.
box17. Paint fascia.
Track & Wiring
box18. Install terminal strip, bus wires and power bar.
box19. Lace wires to frame and install Velcro straps.
box20. Notch foam and install 1' x 4" pads for joiner tracks.
box21. Lay cork and track.
box21. Trim track ends to correct setback and install rail joiners for joiner tracks.
box22. Wire track and test.
box23. Paint track.
box24. Ballast track.
box25. Cover track w/ masking tape.
box26. Glue down foam for elevation contours.
box27. Carve foam.
box28. Cut front panel profile if required.
box29. Paint foam.
box30. Install and stain rock molds.
box31. Glue down ground cover.
box32. Remove masking tape and clean track.
box33. Install buildings, people, animals, trees, etc.
Final Assembly
box34. Install front panel if required.
box35. Install UP-5s and wall warts.
box36. If multiple UP-5s, install LocoNet cable and power wire between UP-5s.
box37. Attach skyboard.
box38. Cut, polish and attach plexiglass.
box39. Install pull loop(s).
Skyboard Construction Steps
Sub- Assembly
box1a. Laminate skyboard 4' x 8' sheets.
box2a. Cut skyboards to size as per diagram.
box3a. Miter sides of skyboard (corner modules only).
box4a. Cut hole in skyboard to allow access to UP-5 (if rear UP-5 is installed).
box5a. Sand and paint.
box6a. Paint clouds and other background detail.