Module General Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Checklist
Module: _________________________________________________ Date: ______
box Frame
 boxLeg adjustment bolts & T-Nuts in place
 boxHinge screws tight
 boxLeg braces OK, Hitch pins in place
 boxClamp pads installed
 boxSide facia boards true to vertical
 boxIf alignment pins exist, are they removable and tethered? If not, replace with removable tethered pins.
 boxCheck for tips of wood screws sticking through, especially on skyboard. Trim as required w/ Dremel.
 boxCheck leg and leg brace restraints
 boxWhen folded up, does everything clear the bottom of the module base?
box Wiring
 boxInspect all wires for damage (mashed, stripped insulation, etc.)
 boxCheck Power Poles for cracks/chips/breaks.
 boxCheck secondary/auxillary bus wires and connectors.
 boxCheck polarity of power bus wires
 boxAre ribbed bus wires attached to Red Powerpole / wide side of each Cinch Jones connector?
 boxIs Red Powerpole / wide side of each Cinch Jones connector tied to the front rail?
 boxTighten all screws on terminal strips.
 boxIs 110V power strip properly secured and tight?
 boxReplace any worn/torn Velcro straps.
 boxNip zip-tie tips on permenantly installed lacing.
 boxCheck any UP-5s for any damage from leg clearance. Is wall wart properly attached?
 boxInspect and test any permanently attached Loconet cables.
box Track
 boxCheck all tracks for proper length set-back at each end of module.
 boxCheck all rail joiners
 boxReplace or tighten loose rail joiners
 boxReplace missing rail joiners
 boxBe sure rail paint is properly scraped back to insure good electrical contact with joiners
 boxUndercut rails as required so joiners can slide completely on rails
 boxCheck gauge. Look for kinks.
 boxTest electrical switches
 boxCheck turnout operation.
 boxReplace all turnouts that are not Peco Insulfrogs.
 boxMake sure power is back-fed to both inside rails. Install drops if required.
 boxTouch up ballast where required
box Topside
 boxCheck for skyboard warping or damage. Touch up paint as required.
 boxCheck plexiglas for scratches. Buff out or replace if required.
 boxCheck plexiglas screws. Tighten or insert toothpick in screw hole if req'd.
 boxDig out and replace any damaged homosote plugs
 boxTouch up fascia board paint as required.
box Scenery
 boxVacuum module. Spritz as required to dissolve dust.
 boxRepair all scenery damage.
 boxCheck for loose, broken and/or missing items and secure, repair or replace as required.

Module Repair Work Order
Module: _________________________________________________ Date: ______