Willya B. Mine
New version of Willya B. Mine Willya B. Mine
Willya B. Mine
Willya B. Mine
Willya B. Mine
Willya B. Mine
Willya B. Mine
Old version of Willya B. Mine Willya B. Mine
Track Plan
A spur brances off of the blue line, accesses four sidings for coal car loading. A switchback on the siding serves a coke plant.
Sign Board
This mine isn't mine
But it can be mine
If you will be mine
Will ya be mine?

Let's have some sweet wine
Fruit of the vine
And then we will dine
Will ya be mine?

For you I do pine
All I need is a sign
The stars may align
Will ya be mine?

Please do not decline
I'll build you a shrine
Where you can recline
Will ya be mine?
A Poem
From Snidely Whiplash
To Nell Fenwick
DoRight Cast
So now for some brine
Quaffed quick from my stein
Sing loud Auld Lang Syne
Will ya be mine?

My plea I'll refine
A new tact define
I'm crossing the line
Will ya be mine?

I want the danged mine
So you I'll confine
In case you should whine
Will ya be mine?

I now have the mine
And I feel just fine
Feet up, I incline
At the Willya B. Mine.
Description & History
Our original Willya B. Mine module was retired after many years of service. Although Willya B. Mine contains a whimsical scene with Dudley Do-Right, Nell Fenwick, Snidely Whiplash and Horse (the famous cartoon characters from the Bullwinkle show), it is also a proto-typical model of an ore loading facility with a coke loading facility.
Industry Details:
Access Track
Switch Direction
Car Types
Spur Capacity
Willya B. Mine
coal gons & hoppers
Coke facility
coke hoppers