NEONS Post-Show Checklist
Updated 7/28/2013

  1. Stow all cabinets in proper places at CNS.
    1. Place truck lock and key in Supply Cabinet.
    2. Return all modules that didn’t travel to the show to their proper slot in the cabinets.
    3. Empty coolers and place liquid refreshments in CNS refrigerator.
  2. Housekeeping
    1. Inventory items in the supply cabinet.
    2. Re-install Radio Tower on store layout.
    3. Place NEONS wooden sign in front of store layout.
    4. Sort all the joiner tracks in the joiner track box, making sure that all are in the right bin.
    5. Remove AA batteries from all Aristo throttles. Stow batteries in battery box (bottom drawer of Supply Cabinet).
    6. Inspect skirting. Have repairs made where Velcro has become unsewn or skirting is torn.
    7. Wash and iron skirting if needed.
  3. Modules
    1. Modules that need repairs should have a maintenance sheet taped on the back of the skyboard. Schedule those repairs so they can be completed and tested well before the next show.
    2. Check skyboards and fascia boards. Touch up paint as required.
  4. Hold debriefing and post-show review & analysis at next NEONS monthly meeting
    1. Overall show feedback
      1. Host & facility
        1. Access, passes
        2. Parking, lighting, power, security, temperature
        3. Attendance
        4. Lodging
        5. Food
        6. Banquet
        7. Other
      2. Unloading, setup, teardown, loading
      3. Operations
        1. Total layout
          1. Overall management & coordination
          2. Red Line Route
          3. Track & module performance
        2. NEONS Loop
          1. Overall management & coordination
          2. Track & module performance
          3. NEONS DC & DCC equipment performance
          4. Other
      4. Vendors
    2. NEONS member participation
    3. Suggestions for improvements
      1. Show
      2. N-Trak Bay
      3. NEONS