NEONS Layout Pre-Show Staging Checklist
Updated 11/20/2014

  1. I. Layout design. Complete the following tasks at least two weeks prior to show.
    1. Reserve rental truck.
    2. Finalize layout design.
    3. Finalize skirting plan and loconet cable plan.
    4. Finalize module cabinet pack diagram.
    5. Finalize truck pack diagram.
    6. Finalize travel checklist.
    7. Place copies of all the above in the red book that is stored in the supply cabinet.
  2. General Prep
    1. Locate the spare truck lock key and supply cabinet lock key. Remove truck lock and truck lock key from supply cabinet and store where it can be easily found once the truck is loaded.
    2. Inventory items in the supply cabinet.
    3. Sort all the joiner tracks in the joiner track box, making sure that all are in the right bin.
    4. Sort skirting into groups as per the skirting plan, separating each group with a cardboard divider, and stacking them in the top shelf of the supply cabinet with unused skirt sections on the bottom.
    5. Check tool boxes to see that all tools have been returned. Locate and return any missing tools.
    6. Purchase appropriate liquid refreshments and load into coolers. DO NOT ICE DOWN.
  3. Modules
    1. Load all modules into the cabinets as per the cabinet pack diagram. Modules not traveling to the show should be stored out of the way.
    2. Modules that need repairs should have a maintenance sheet taped on the back of the skyboard. If the repairs are critical to the module’s operation at the show, make the repairs.
  4. Accessories
    1. Using travel checklist and cabinet loading diagram, place all auxiliary equipment and accessories in their proper places. These items include radio tower, Trainboard tower, tool boxes, clamp on shelves, creeper chairs, NEONS sign and ice chests.
    2. Remind members to bring drills/power screwdrivers to show to remove and re-install end caps. Remind them to charge tool batteries!
  5. Power Equipment
    1. General
      1. Be sure that we have at least ten 10-amp and ten 5-amp fuses in the fuse bottles located in the supply cabinet.
    2. Aristo-Craft analog system.
      1. Install fully charged and tested AA batteries in all five throttles. Test the throttles to confirm that they work.
      2. Set all three yellow line receivers to frequency 8 and channel 3.
      3. Set all three blue line receivers to frequency 8 and channel 6.
    3. Digitrax DCC system
      1. Set up Master Command Station and all three power boxes. Link them together with loconet cables.
      2. Check the batteries in the DCS 200 and replace if necessary.
      3. Make sure all four units are set to N Scale.
      4. Reset all four Digitrax power supplies to factory settings by setting OPSW #39 to closed.
      5. Disconnect the Master Command Station from the LocoNet. Plug a DT400 throttle into the DCS 200 on the Master Command Station and set OPSW #05 to closed.
      6. Reconnect the DCS 200 on the Master Command Station to the loconet.
      7. Set OPSW #03 to thrown and OPSW #16, #25 and #44 to closed on all four units.
      8. Flip the Run/OP/Sleep switch to sleep on all four units.
      9. Disconnect all equipment and return everything to the supply cabinet.