Masonite Clamp Pads
by Steve Gillett

N-Trak modules are connected to each other with pairs of C-Clamps that tighten and hold the modules’ side fascia boards to each other. Over time, this clamping and re-clamping can damage the fascia boards, causing compression, splintering and cracking of the wood.

Figure 1 - Masonite Clamp Pads.jpg

Damaged Fascia Board

A simple fix for this problem is to cut 3¼” x 3¼” squares of 3/16” Masonite hardboard and glue them to the inside of the side fascia boards where the clamps will go. The Masonite is very hard and will not compress or be damaged if a C-clamp is over-tightened. If for some reason it is damaged, just pop it off and glue a new one in its place. Even if your module is already damaged by clamps, the fascia board can be repaired with wood putty and then protected with the Masonite pads.

Sometimes the normal spot where a clamp will be located on one module will not align with the location on the next module due to an obstruction such as a leg, glue block, power strip, etc. On many of our newer modules, instead of installing a pair of 3¼” square pads, we cut a 3¼” wide strip that runs the entire length of the side fascia board, so that no matter where the clamps need to be located, the fascia board is protected.

Figure 3 - Masonite Clamp Pads.jpg Figure 2 - Masonite Clamp Pads.jpg

While you’re cutting the Masonite squares, make a bunch of extras. They are perfect to use as shims if you are setting up a layout on carpet or on an uneven floor where you can’t extend the leg screws far enough!